Top Kosher Meat Facts You Need to Know 💡

Top Kosher Meat Facts You Need to Know 💡


Are you curious what makes Kosher meat- kosher? Perhaps you grew up around other kosher households and are interested in learning more about the history and the practices of this methodology. If so, read on.


Here are the Top 🖐 Kosher Meat Facts You Need to Know


      • The laws of Kosher. The number one thing you need to know about Kosher meat before you get started is that it is tied to the Jewish laws of Kosher. Literally translated to mean the word “fit,” the rules for Kosher foods are outlined in the Torah. Some specifics include sausage, bagel dogs, deli meats, low fat meats, snacks and more. 

          • Did you know that only certain animals are considered Kosher? Well, it’s true! According to the Jewish faith, only the animals that have split hooves and ruminate are allowed to be considered Kosher and may be eaten by the Jewish-practicing faith. Some popular meats include, but aren’t limited to, cows, deer, goats, sheep and some ocean creatures such as fish that have fins and scales like salmon or tilapia.

              • There are some birds that are non-kosher and should not be eaten. But some of the regularly eaten birds you see often can be kosher if prepared properly. This includes chicken, goose, turkey and dove.

                  • Blood is not kosher and that is why Kosher is prepared in a certain way. It must be cured in salt and the blood removed.

                      • Our meat is not mixed with Milk. Kosher means no mixing with milk as the Torah says to not even engage in any way meat that is mixed with meat and you are to wait hours before consuming milk again.


                        That is our list of the top five tips of Kosher Meats. If you are interested in learning more tips about Kosher meat or Kosher lifestyle, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. As a Kosher meat store with dedication on the practices, we love educating our consumers on our practice and what it means to us and the people of our faith.


                        • Are all of the meats on your site Kosher? I’m interested in the grass fed beef, but I want to make sure it’s kosher. And I’d also like to know if the cattle are kept in small enclosures, or if grass fed means pasture fed, too?

                          - Scarlet Fountain
                        • What is your kosher supervision? Please provide as much information as possible (beit Yosef etc) and verification

                          - Ron

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